Teeth In A Day

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Having more than one missing tooth could be causing you multiple problems. In addition to difficulties you might have with eating and feeling embarrassed to smile or laugh in public, over time your jaw and surrounding tissues will start to disappear because there is nothing anchored to them. The good news is that implant dentistry, a discipline which has been refined over many decades, offers patients several solutions for replacing multiple teeth.

One such solution available at Cranmore, is known as teeth in a day.

As the name suggests, this procedure involves the placement of dental implants and attachment of provisional teeth restorations within the same day. It usually requires between four and six implants depending on your individual needs. After the requisite healing time, your final teeth are fitted.

Teeth in a day makes for an efficient, stable and fixed arch of teeth which will give you the confidence to eat and smile. It is often considered as a solution for a person who has no teeth and is a denture wearer.

Our Clinical Lead, David Nelson, regularly helps people who have missing teeth. If you are interested to find out whether this is a good solution for you, we recommend you come to see him for a consultation, during which we will conduct a thorough analysis of your oral health.

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  • Function: Restores the form and function of your teeth within the same day
  • Stability: Stable replacement teeth for eating, speaking and smiling with confidence
  • Comfort: Eliminates the pain of ill-fitting dentures

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