Missing Tooth

If you have a missing tooth that leaves a gap in your mouth, one solution is the single tooth implant. Having a gap in your smile line can make you feel self-conscious when you smile or talk, and a gap further back in your mouth could affect how you bite or chew. The process involves a titanium implant being placed in your jaw where the gap is. Once the implant becomes firmly rooted, a tooth-coloured crown is fitted on top and will look like a natural tooth, matching the shape and colour of the teeth around it. This procedure has been clinically proven to be a safe and long-term solution to replace a missing tooth.

Under the guidance of David Nelson, the Cranmore team is highly trained and experienced in delivering quality implant treatment. David Nelson was also awarded the UK Single Implant Award at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013, recognising his clinical skills in implant dentistry.

If you are interested in finding out whether this is a good solution for you, we recommend you come to see us for a consultation, during which we will conduct a thorough analysis of your oral health. This will allow us to create a solution that fits your life, not only the gap in your jaw. Many people think that losing a tooth is permanent. Thanks to the advances in implant dentistry, this is no longer the case.

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Why Choose a Dental Implant?

  • Stability: Provides a stable foundation for replacement teeth.
  • Speech: Allow you to speak naturally.
  • Food Choice: You can enjoy your favourite foods again including biting and chewing naturally.
  • Preservation: Preserves neighbouring teeth and bone structure.

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